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unnamed germanic conlang

Here's a germanic conlang I worked on throughout most of 2019. It's not that great, but I'm still quite partial to the vowel orthography.



(appologies, the low front/central unrounded vowel (/a/) ends up looking pretty much identical to the low back unrounded vowel (/ɑ/) in this font. To help distinguish them, I'll be using a greek letter alpha <α> for the latter.)

Front Central Back
unrounded rounded
short long short long short short long
High ɪ <i> i: <ie> ʏ <y> y: <ye, uy> ʊ <u> u: <ou>
Mid-high e: <ee> ø:~ø̞: <eu> ə o: <oo>
Mid-low ɛ <e> ɛ: <ea> œ <ø> a̠~ɐ~α <a> ɔ <o> ɔ: <oa>
Low æ <æ> α: <aa>

There are also two diphthongs, which act phonologically like long vowels: /aɪ/ <ai>, and /aʊ/ <au>.



Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal unvoiced (n̥) <nh>
voiced m n <n> ŋ <ng>
Stop unvoiced p t tʃ <ch, tch> k <c, k, ck>
voiced b d dʒ <dg, dȝ> g
Fricative unvoiced f θ <þ> s <s, ss> ʃ <sh> x <gh> h
voiced v ð z <s>
Approximant unvoiced (ʍ) <wh> (l̥) <lh> (ʍ) <wh>
voiced w l j <j, ȝ> w
Rhotic unvoiced (r̥) <rh>
voiced r

Each phoneme is written the same as in the IPA unless otherwise stated in angle brackets.