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unnamed 2020 romance conlang

This is a conlang I've been working on in early 2020 (now at the time of writing). It's currently far from finished, though.



There are 8 oral vowels and 5 nasal vowels.

Oral Vowels:
Front Central Back
High i <i, í> u <u, ú>
Mid-high e <é, ê> ə <e> o <ó, ô>
Mid-low ɛ <e, è> ɔ <o, ò>
Low a <a, á, à>
Nasal Vowels:
Front Central Back
High ĩ <ĩ> ũ <ũ>
Mid ɛ̃ <ẽ> ɔ̃ <õ>
Low ã <ã>


Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m n ɲ <gn> (ŋ)
Stop unvoiced p t k <c, k, ck, q>
voiced b d g
Affricate unvoiced t͡s <z, c> t͡ʃ <tx>
voiced d͡ʒ <j>
Fricative unvoiced f s <s, ss> ʃ <x>
voiced v z <s>
Approximant semivowel w <u> j <y, i> w <u>
lateral l ʎ <ll>
Rhotic r

Each phoneme is written the same as in the IPA unless otherwise stated in angle brackets.


Syllable structure is as follows:




When possible, word-final consonants may be moved to the next word. This occurs wherever it is possible to form a valid onset from consonants in the coda of the first word and in the onset of the second word.

Nasal Sandhi

Voicing/Devoicing of Stops after Nasals

Words ending in <mp, nd,

Sandhi with /s/ and /f/


nouns and adjectives


Verbs generally consist of a stem, which is conjugated with different endings.

Regular Verb Conjugations

There are four different regular conjugation paradigms.

First Conjugation (-ar) verbs
Second Conjugation (-er) verbs
Third Conjugation (-re) verbs
Fourth Conjugation (-ir) verbs